The CAFA TOOLS srl  has gained an experience of over 40 years in the sector of development, realization and technical advice of hardened special tools and high-precision machine parts. Mr. Perinetti Gabriele, director and founder of the company, has developed his experience and professionalism since 1964. He moved to Switzerland, working and attending the school, and obtained the diploma at  CISAP of Berne.
In those years he worked in the precision-tools sector for the realization of a wide range of valuable products. In 1984 he gained experience in Switzerland and returned to Italy to work on his own and formed the CAFA (Centro Affilatura Frese Abruzzese).

In 1990 together with his sons, Tino and Franco, They found a family company.

The experience and professionalism gained by its members and the valuable contribution given by employees makes CAFA TOOLS srl  a reliable partner and company, able to meet any production requirement.


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